Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Keilani

Over the weekend, Keilani started a new mission: learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. Saturday, there was a break in the weather, so Rex and I had the opportunity to do yard work. Mind you, it looked pretty bad. Anyway, I was working on sweeping the back patio and Keilani was helping me. She hung in there till I was just about finished then asked to take a play break with her brother. At first they took turns on the scooter and eventually Keilani chose to try the bike-not her bike with the training wheels, but one without and declared 'I want to learn to ride this bike and can you help me?' I was still in the middle of yard work, so I had to verbally help her. She listened really well and took in what I told her about keeping her balance. Most of all she didn't give up. We finished the day with her having the basics but not fully riding, but Keilani had made great progress! Well, I arrived home yesterday after a seemingly long, draining day at work and Keilani was in the backyard again with Kai... riding the bike without training wheels. My baby girl is growing up fast. What a great accomplishment, Keilani! You set your mind on something and did it...in only a couple of days-your Dad and I are very proud of you!

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