Wednesday, December 30, 2009

4th Quarter 2009

Oh geez. Is it 2010 already?! I totally skipped over October, November and December! Bad blogger! :) Well, it's still 2009, so maybe I can redeem myself and at least summarize the last three months. Pretty much it's one word. Busy, busy, BUSY. Okay, let's work backwards and start with the most recent events.

...was great-we went down to San Diego and did our normal house-hopping. There is never enough time spent at any of the houses, especially my dad's, but I feel it's important to see all the family on these days and the kids live for it. Mik and Kiana both got iPod nanos, Keilani got a guitar and Kai got electronic drums.  We're going to have a noisy house this year!

Kai turned 3!
...on December 24th (yes, my Christmas Eve miracle). We were supposed to go to Sea World that day, but Rex and I were sick, so we actually opted to stay home, rest and recuperate a little bit before the Christmas Day adventure. But we had cake and decorations (I'll post pic 'soon') and we went to Sea World on the 26th instead. That was great fun too because my sis, Jen, and her son, Jeremiah, also 3, were able to join us. The boys (and my girls) had a blast. Kai's still talking about Shamu ('samooo').

Dancing Disneyland on the 19th. Mikaela and Kiana performed at Disneyland with their halau (dance studio), Puahi's Polynesian Dancers. The weather was perfect and it wasn't too crowded (Rex may have a different opinion). They had a great show! I love Disneyland during the holidays!!! We had front row seats for the Holiday Parade. Kai was so excited he wouldn't sit down-he waved to everyone! Keilani loved the 'snow'.

...Trimester 1 awards were handed out right before holiday break.
Keilani actually received 2 awards in October. One award was for Life Trait Toucan Award. The toucan is the school mascot.  Life traits are characteristics that the teachers teach the students such as being respectful and the importance of helping others.
Kiana received 5 awards, which included High Honor Roll and High Achievement. I am sooooo proud of her! It's been a little tough transitioning from elementary to jr. high, but she worked through it and got excellent grades! Congratulations Kiana! All your hard work paid off! I knew you could do it!
Mikaela received 3 awards. They were all special, but one in particular blew me away. She received the Distinguished Leadership award. This award was only given to two students, 1 boy and 1 girl, who were picked unanimously by their group of teachers. The teacher's speech went something like this:
We have one more award to hand out this afternoon and this award is for two students, a boy and a girl, and these two students were chosen by all of their teachers. These students excel academically, give 100% and go above and beyond in all aspects of their education. They are looked up to by their peers and most of all, they demonstrate the life traits we as teachers are trying to instill in our students. (by this time, I'm tearing because whoever gets this award has got to be something special and it would be an awesome award to receive) They are Mr. Troy (so-and-so) and Mikaela. I was shaking so much, I could barely even take pictures!
Rex and I are VERY VERY proud of all the girls' accomplishments!

...Kiana performed with band and Mikaela drummed with her drum class and sang with the choir in the Holiday concerts. Mikaela even had a solo! She kept it a secret from us since September! Kiana and almost everyone in San Diego (Altamont house) were in on it! Sneaky people!

...we spent Thanksgiving in San Diego, house-hopping again. We only went to two houses this time, my dad's and the Penaranda's. Auntie Marie had surgery earlier in the week and was still recovering.  We were also missing my brother Don who lives in Oklahoma now.

...we had two skeletons (Mik and Kai), an Alice in Wonderland (Kiana) and a princess (Kelani, of course) this year. Mik actually went trick or treating with her friends and made out like a bandit. The rest of us, however, didn't fare so well. Rex and I brought Kian, Kei and Kai to the mall for some safe trick or treating. ALL the stores conveniently 'ran out of candy' and we came home empty handed. Don't shop at Dos Lagos. Rex saved the day tho! As soon as we got home, he ran into the house and locked the door. I didn't get what he was doing until he whispered loudly through the door 'Have them say trick or treat!'. OHHHHHHH! Halloween's saved! They made out like bandits too!

...Rex and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary in October by going out to dinner and a movie. It was nice to have a date. We ate some DELICIOUS food at Taps and saw the movie Couples Retreat. Hilarious. Happy Anniversary to my sis and her husband too!

...Jeremiah (nephew) turned 3 and Emma Michelle (niece) turned 1 in October, Kai turned 3 and Jenner (bro-in-law) and Rex also had birthdays in December.

I might have forgotten some events, but just typing this, WOW, we have been busy! Now to get ready for the New Year... that involves cleaning the house and cooking arroz caldo...yum, more food!

Happy New Year! Don't forget to wear polk-a-dots, have money in your pocket and jump when the ball drops! Polka-dots: good luck, money in your pocket: you'll have money in your pocket the whole year through, and jumping: all the bad stuff from the previous year goes under you and you start the new year with a fresh clean slate.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Kai-Noah

Today was interesting.  I received a text at work from Rex:  'Sorry if Kai's hair looks a little off, he got a hold of scissors when I wasn't looking'.  OY!  I about fell over in my seat.

Well, this isn't the first time one of my kids has decided to give hairstyling a go, but it is the first time one of my kids gave a haircut to himself.  All I could do was shake my head and ask for a pic so I could see the damage.  (this isn't the pic by the way...) Didn't look so bad-maybe he cut his bangs a little.  He's due for a haircut anyway.

I am slowly learning not to have an instant heart attack when I get texts like that or am washing the dishes and hear a loud THUD come from somewhere else in the house.  I'm blessed to have a healthy, adventurous and active son whose antics drive me and Rex absolutely crazy. But... Kai's random smiles, episodes of dancing and singing, and bouts of giggling and laughter when he's playing with his sisters bring such warmth to my heart.  I secretly love it when he gets possessive and calls me 'my Mommy' while squeezing his way in between me and one of his sisters or even Rex on the couch.  He gets so angry when the other person says 'No, MY mommy!' It's absolutely hilarious. 

He just fell asleep on the lounge chair in the weirdest most seemingly uncomfortable position.  He was running around screaming just seconds ago.  My boy-what a character he is!  And now, I'm logging off just so I can sit there and watch him dream.  G'night all!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Kids

These are my four lovable (and sometimes not-so-lovable) children:  Mikaela, Kiana, Keilani and Kai-Noah.  (I like the letter K. ?) Their ages range from 13 to 2 1/2. We also have our Angel who watches over all of us from above.  
Having 4 kids is quite the adventure!    I get to re-live every stage of childhood with them.  Right now, I'm re-learning Pre-Algebra, Geometry, History, Science... etc...It's fun.  Really.  There's also never a dull moment. Especially after Kai came along.  That boy is everywhere and constantly keeps us on our toes!  And he's LOUD.  LOUD.  Probably because he just wants to make sure he can be heard over the three talkative (at home, anyway) older sisters.  Sometimes Rex and I just look at one another and shake our heads.  People warned me.  'A boy is different'.  LOL-they were not kidding.  Still, I wouldn't have it any other way-they are the loves and lights of my life. 

Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Post!

Ok! So we're trying out this blog-thing... as a way to keep everyone updated on our little family's special moments, events, and happenings (not to mention, we're a little older now and we have so many kids that it's not so easy to remember all that's going on-lol!). Hopefully we can keep this current. Thanks for reading our first post. More posts and pics to come soon.