Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Kai-Noah

Today was interesting.  I received a text at work from Rex:  'Sorry if Kai's hair looks a little off, he got a hold of scissors when I wasn't looking'.  OY!  I about fell over in my seat.

Well, this isn't the first time one of my kids has decided to give hairstyling a go, but it is the first time one of my kids gave a haircut to himself.  All I could do was shake my head and ask for a pic so I could see the damage.  (this isn't the pic by the way...) Didn't look so bad-maybe he cut his bangs a little.  He's due for a haircut anyway.

I am slowly learning not to have an instant heart attack when I get texts like that or am washing the dishes and hear a loud THUD come from somewhere else in the house.  I'm blessed to have a healthy, adventurous and active son whose antics drive me and Rex absolutely crazy. But... Kai's random smiles, episodes of dancing and singing, and bouts of giggling and laughter when he's playing with his sisters bring such warmth to my heart.  I secretly love it when he gets possessive and calls me 'my Mommy' while squeezing his way in between me and one of his sisters or even Rex on the couch.  He gets so angry when the other person says 'No, MY mommy!' It's absolutely hilarious. 

He just fell asleep on the lounge chair in the weirdest most seemingly uncomfortable position.  He was running around screaming just seconds ago.  My boy-what a character he is!  And now, I'm logging off just so I can sit there and watch him dream.  G'night all!

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