Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Happenings

Is it the end of January 2010 already?! Goodness gracious! The days just fly by when we're... having fun? Yeah, it was fun, but it was another event-filled month for our 'little' family.

New Years
We rang in the New Year at home this time-my mom and nephew, Patrick, were able to spend it with us along with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark. Unfortunately, Rex had to work that night, but he was able to jump with us (see previous post) at midnight on a short break from work. It helps when one works practically 2 minutes from home. I made sure everyone had polka-dotted clothing and money in their pockets before the clock struck 12. And, there was a pot of arroz caldo ready to eat after we all jumped. Shortly after New Year, Rex had to leave and my mom and the kids were tired so they went to bed. I stayed up till 3 or so. Nice quiet New Year-I liked it.

San Diego
From that time, we've spent most of our time going back and forth to San Diego. Our nephew, Mikey, recently started school there & we're so glad he's back in California! He's eighteen now (talk about time flying by!) and is extremely talented. My sister and I brought him to a Guitar Center on a recent shopping trip and I got to watch him play the guitar. I could've stayed there all day. Simply amazing.

Special Anniversary
Rex's parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this month. The entire family celebrated with a mass and a reception. Mikaela and Kiana performed a hula dance (music: The Hawaiian Wedding Song). I discovered that both Kelani and Kai have a love for hip hop music and dancing. The music started and they both wouldn't stop till the party was over.

Shake It
Speaking of hula, Keilani started her basic hula class this month! She cried on the first day because everyone was staring at her, but Mikaela and Kiana were there to help her through her first try. I hope she liked it. Watching her reminded me of when the older two started dancing. That was almost 7 years ago! They were so tiny. Awwww...

Potty Training
Now that Kai is three, we are trying to do the potty training. We tried to make it fun for him by buying Cars (Disney) themed underwear which he loves. He's doing great with going number 1, but we are having issues with number 2 and the potty. Won't do it. Refuses. This is new for us. All the girls were done by age 2. I know, I know... boys are different and we expected that. Hopefully soon we'll be able to report that Kai is fully potty trained and that we have purchased our last pull-up. Those things are expensive!

Rockin' Out
Kai has a new favorite song! In the past, he's rocked out to Paramore's That's What You Get. He still does... but he recently picked up a new one thanks to the Disney Channel playing it over and over and over. Kai could be upstairs sleeping and hear the tv downstairs and he'll come running, one hand raised in the air the other an imaginary microphone singing 'We will, we will... ROCK YOU!' LOL! It's hilariously cute! And, you can't talk to him until the commercial or video is over. He just chooses not to hear you.

Oh the adventures of parenthood! Till the next time...

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you enjoy it with the loves of your life.

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